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Native American Dance Workshop

Daystar/Rosalie Jones will conduct a family-friendly workshop on the rudiments of
Native American Intertribal (powwow) dance.  Several community social dances will
begin the workshop:  Round Dance, Two-Step, Fish and River Dances. A participatory
introduction to the traditional Women’s and Men’s dances, Shawl Dance and the Hoop
Dance will be included. All ages welcome!

Meet the Instructor: Daystar/Rosalie Jones: Founder and Artistic Director of DAYSTAR Dance Company. The Daystar Company was founded in 1980, and is now the first native modern dance company in the U.S. created with all-native performers and specializing in the portrayal of the personal and tribal stories of Indian America. The Company has toured throughout the United States and Canada, and in Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and Dublin, Ireland Website:

Cost:$12 per person or $20 per family (mother, father, children, grandchildren, grandparents!!)