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Cosmic Sound Immersion with Exotic Worldly Instruments

A meditative, high vibrational journey of exotic sound guiding us into divine alignment and our natural state of BLISS. Close your eyes and enter a state of stillness as we dive into a journey of sound and the senses. This sound immersion uses Gongs and a variety of exotic worldly instruments, creating a trajectory of sounds designed to open our body's innate intelligence, guiding us into rhythmic harmony. These subtle vibrations will introduce us to a profound experience of balance and relaxation, physically, mentally, and emotionally and spiritually. 

Join this dynamic group of vibrational healers in group consciousness as we journey deep into ourselves, remember our hearts deepest desires, recognize our souls purpose and re-enter the world with aliveness, clarity, intention, creativity and deeper reserves of loving kindness for self and others.

2 Gongs - Ved Bachan Kaur
Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls - Elisa Dawn Valentine
Sitar - Anthony Sicilicano
Didgeridoo - Anthony Siciliano
Guitar - Anthony Siciliano
Harp - Mary Monroe
Flute - Tommy Gravino

$20 for a single ticket / $11 each if you bring a friend / space limited to 20 guests