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May Gong Sound Bath: Unconditional Love

When we think of unconditional love, mothers absolutely come to our mind! The way a mother loves her child is beyond understanding and sometimes all rationally. It just is. When we love unconditionally we don't ask anything in return but we are happy to simply serve the other person, and that brings us the highest joy. During this class we'll invoke the Divine Mother through the sacred Gayatri Mantra. We'll ask Her to help us love ourselves and others more unconditionally, to feel loved like a child (perhaps even in ways we never have been) and to fill us completely with that Love so that we have plenty of it to give to ourselves and others. 

When the vibration of the gong is sent through our body, this helps each and every one of our cells to achieve more balance and to vibrate higher. And since we are not just our body, the vibration penetrates through all aspects of our being. We'll send the vibration of the highest Love to every part of of ourselves. 

CLASS STRUCTURE: During a gong sound bath participants lay on the floor for about 45 min, covered with a blanket, and relax. No movement is involved. All props are provided at the studio, however for maximum coziness bring your own pillow and blanket. Dress comfortably. 

This class is led by gong master Vesna Sanders (Eeshavasya Dasi).

*A Gong Bath is not recommended for pregnant women, people with sensitivity to sound or conditions such as Tinnitus, Menieres and Epilepsy, or people with metal Implants, pins, screws or pacemakers.

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