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March Gong Sound Bath: Forgive and be Free Part 2

This session will continue focusing on letting go of some of our negative emotions associated with being stuck, ether in the past or present moment. The powerful vibration of the gong will help us to create room for the liberating action of forgiveness. 

True forgiving is an inner action that has nothing to do with another person or situation - it actually liberates us! If we say we have forgiven (someone, or ourselves, life itself, a situation ...) but we have only done it on the outside, we are still energetically bound to that person or situation. We perceive that as being stuck, unable to move on, anxious or sad. The vibration of the gong and our intention to create real resolution will help us penetrate through these heavy energetic bonds. It will support us to truly forgive and live our lives with more joy and freedom. 

CLASS STRUCTURE: During a gong sound bath participants lay on the floor for about 45 min, covered with a blanket. No movement is involved. All props are provided at the studio, however for maximum coziness bring your own pillow and blanket. Dress comfortably. 

This class is led by gong master Vesna Sanders (Eeshavasya Dasi).

*A Gong Bath is not recommended for pregnant women, people with sensitivity to sound or conditions such as Tinnitus, Menieres and Epilepsy, or people with metal Implants, pins, screws or pacemakers.

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