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Natural Vision Improvement Workshop

Have you ever wished you could improve your eyesight?   Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts all the time?  Do you experience eye strain, headaches, brain fog, or confusion and sense a relationship with your vision or your glasses?  Would you like to avoid having your sight deteriorate as you age?  Are any of these things even possible without surgery?

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) was a big proponent of Natural Vision Improvement as developed by New York City optometrist W.H. Bates (1860-1931) in the early twentieth century.  In addition to his work with vision, Huxley studied extensively with somatics pioneer F.M. Alexander whose work, the Alexander Technique, has sustained successful performers, thinkers and achievers worldwide for over a century.  Huxley's elegant and comprehensive book, The Art of Seeing will be the textual backdrop of this workshop.  

In our time together we will discuss how vision works, how corrective lenses work, and what the implications are for the brain and the body.  We will experiment with our eyesight and with "eye exercises" to discover something about our visual habits, so the workshop will be highly experiential.  Students will need to be prepared to take off their glasses or contact lenses while we are together, so be prepared to experience your blur in a safe and supportive environment.  You will learn specific activities for improving awareness and relaxation of eyes and brain.

Tara Sullivan has been a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique for 20 years and has been taking Alexander lessons since she was a teenager.  She has been a student of natural vision improvement since 2001, including working, writing and traveling extensively with Peter Grunwald.  A classically trained singer, Tara also teaches Jivamukti Yoga and her focus is always on getting to the root of things.  She has lived and taught Alexander, yoga, and vision on both coasts and internationally.