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"Heal The Past" OM Chanting

OM is the universal sound of creation; it is the highest and purest vibration that exists. During this special OM Chanting we'll use the transformational power of OM to help us to move beyond the tragedies of the past and work together to create a brighter future. 

OM chanting groups from all over the USA will join this event in consecutive time slots in order to create a non-stop wave of OM that will last for several hours! 

In coordination with global events, this special OM Chanting will bring much needed energetic support to our country and its recent and distant past. In Europe many groups plan to participate in concentration camps - places where there remains negativity and suffering.

Come lend your voice and help heal the past! The event is FREE, donations are welcomed. Open to everyone willing and able to chant OM out loud for 60 minutes. Please arrive early to get yourself comfortably situated. 

*This is a FREE Event but donations are welcomed

More about the OM Chanting technique: