I grew up in the West of Ireland and I come from a family of three generations of physicians and surgeons, so of course Western Medicine was integral part of my early life. I have always known deep within me that there had to be more to health and wellness than just the Western approach, and so my long journey began towards a more holistic practice. Becoming a vegetarian and studying T'ai Chi in my early twenties, eventually led me to discover Qi Gong.  

In 2001 I began my studies in Qi Gong and immediately knew I had found my passion and what to me, was a way to bring health and wellness to the body AND mind.  It gives me great joy to share what I know and what I have learnt.  When I am not giving Qi Gong treatments and teaching T'ai Chi and Qi Gong, I am in my art studio.  I am a sculptor, making vessels from abaca fibre and mixed medium.  I have exhibited my art work both nationally and internationally. Isee a deep connection and balance between Qi Gong and art. In my life they bring me joy and keep me in a more balanced state of mind and body. I believe life is a journey filled with many lessons to be learned along the way and we are given opportunities to embrace these teachings if we quiet the mind and open our hearts.

I am a certified Qi Gong Therapist, completing  studies with Master Lisa B. O'Shea, at the Qi Gong Institute in Rochester NY,  in 2004 and with Master Robert Peng, at the Elixer of Light Healing School of Qi Gong, in 2008.  I have been a student of Qi Gong since 2001, and practicing as a therapist and teacher in the greater Rochester area since 2004.  I have given talks and workshops on the benefits of Qi Gong and works with cancer survivors on a regular basis. I look forward to sharing the benefits of a regular Qi Gong practice with you!

Website: www.raphaela.abmp.com  

Art Website: www.raphaelamccormack.com