“GROUNDED” by Helen Santelli & Virginia Cassetta


Exhibition Dates: This show will be featured at the Nu Movement Gallery from November 11, 2018 through January 4, 2019 . Opening Artist Reception to be held Friday, December 7th 6-9pm and a Closing Artist Reception to be held on Friday, January 4th from 6-9pm.  All Receptions are free admission and family friendly.

Description of Work: Mixed media applications on abstract landscapes ( oils, pastels, cold wax and oils, encaustics Mixed media )

Artist Statement: Helen Santelli - In response to over 50 years of making art, I have loved the fact that not only is my spirit revealed through my imagery, but the world around me! The act of creating is so grounded in subconscious decisions, almost as simple as “ I like that” or “ looks right”, that I am totally amazed when I can read my work and see what REALLY is going on! “Ahhh!” I say to myself....”Ahh so that is how it is!” Please take a moment to see yourself, your world or read the artist’s story!

Artist Statement: Virginia Cassetta - Color, shapes, and symbolic images all give a voice to the narrative of words and landscapes. With encaustics and cold wax I am able to layer meanings, discover patterns, textures and movements in a sculptural manner. The shifting of colors one under another allows for transparent moments where I can discover the richness of being human and allow forgiveness of my imperfections.

Our mission is to create a center for exploration, collaboration and spiritual fusion within the holistic wellness, performing and visual art practices. All Art Exhibitions may be viewed by all those attending classes seven days a week or by booking an appointment with Exhibition Coordinator, Sharon Locke (585) 732-9030