Show Description: Emotions and human emotionality is not black and white. A feeling can look any which way. There is no right or wrong way to emote. As with an abstract painting, it can never be wrong. Anything can be seen in a piece of art. It reflects a feeling but that feeling looks different to everyone. This show celebrates the subjective nature of a whole range of emotions, provoked by art.

Exhibition Dates: This show will be featured from July 8, 2018 - September 8, 2018.  Opening Reception to be held during First Friday Citywide Gallery Night on August 3, 2018  (6:00pm - 9:00pm). Closing Reception will be Friday, September 7, 2018  (6:00pm - 9:00pm). All work may be viewed by those attending our weekly classes offered seven days a week, during First Friday or by appointment.

Artist Statement:  I am an expressionist. Even my surrealistic realism pieces have an abstracted element of emotion. I am self-taught. I learn by doing. That's how I wandered onto this paint-covered path. I moved to Philadelphia from Ohio in 2009, where I spent 22 years of my life. I was a writer at the time, slamming out poems and fashion articles for a local publication, under the pen name, MsWritten. I became dissatisfied with my writing, came into an abundance of art supplies and artistic influences, summer of 2010.

The music of late, great, David Bowie, my experiences in life and how I feel in those moments, shape what I create.I am constantly exploring this earth, indulging in social interactions with everyone. These are the main reasons I art. I first tasted travel at 16. Living in new places, domestic and abroad, have added a new level to my work.

I am a self proclaimed "visual junky". I feel it is my duty to visually commentate on the events that happen on this amazingly, confusing planet. I am a lover of polymers. I have a fascination, no, make that an obsession with my primary medium; acrylic paint. I also use art to explain confusion and frustration I feel within. As I discover my place in life while painting through it, I uncover more and more of myself. Painting is my life, and I do it for me. If what I create can affect someone in a positive way, that's the most amazing feeling in the world. I would not exist if I did not express through creative gestures. 

Cartoon Real/Life, the term I have coined to call my eclectic style, is a life force, to me. This heart beat, shifted over the past half decade. For a while, I kept the MsWritten name while I painted. I never felt connected saying, "Hello, I am MsWritten." It came to be that I am not MsWritten, but my work is. I decided to paint a self-portrait with words and Qori Moorehaul came to this Plane. It's a combination of influences from great humans in my life, past learning experiences, and a connection to who I feel I am. As you travel through this life, may ever act be an act from the he(ART). Go where the wind will. ~Qori Moorehaul

Our mission is to create a center for exploration, collaboration and spiritual fusion within the holistic wellness, performing and visual art practices. All Art Exhibitions may be viewed by all those attending classes seven days a week or by booking an appointment with Exhibition Coordinator, Sharon Locke (585) 732-9030