Michelle Testa Head Shot.jpg

Michelle Testa - Hoop Dance Instructor

Michelle discovered dance and fitness hooping while working at the YMCA in 2012. She hula hooped very rarely as a child, but found adult sized hoops to be much easier and a more natural movement - and, of course, the most fun way to work out! Cardio and fitness hooping became a favorite hobby while attending graduate school at Nazareth College for her MSED in Literacy and starting her career as a 7th grade science teacher in Rush-Henrietta.

“I am so excited to bring an introductory hoop class to Nu Movement! I am passionate about teaching, and confident that anyone with any level of athleticism or experience with hula hoops will be able to learn how to hoop. Hooping combines the grace of dance, the mindfulness of yoga, and the fun of a children’s birthday party with the core strength of pilates, and the cardio of Zumba. I am happy to share fitness and dance hoop with the Nu Movement community - I’m looking forward to hooping with you!”

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