Co-op Instructors

Dedicated teachers who are passionate about sharing their classes with you.

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Yoga & Pilates

Adam William Ayers - LMT & YoGay Yoga Instructor

Marissa Bland - Yoga & Chair Yoga Instructor

Alyssa Budinock - Yoga Instructor

Ariel Fabry - Yoga Instructor

Nicole Klinger-Gilbert - Yoga Instructor

Liza Savage-Katz - Yoga Instructor

Linda Bayer-Lawrence - Yoga Instructor

Leslie MacDonald - MSC., RAD-TC, Body Harmonics Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor

Kenneth Plossl - Yoga Instructor


Kassandra Baggs - Afro-Modern Dance

Danielle Merrill - Owner / Ballroom Dance

Leslie Mac Donald - Ballet

Art Gallery

Sharon Locke - Exhibition Coordinator & Curator

Holly Feguson - Exhibition Coordinator Intern

Alternative Healing

Ved Bachan - Gong Practitioner

Jaclyn Cellura-Crane - Reiki Practitioner

Vesna Sanders - Gong Practitioner & Om Chanting Coordinator


Community Support & Sponsors

By Making a donation, you or your business help make it possible for us to provide free art gallery space for local artists and public wellness classes at low to zero cost to the Rochester community. Donations go toward the purchase of fitness equipment, general studio operations and updates, as well as hosting fundraising events for local charities. You help us help others and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

Nathan Merrill

Klaus Kremmin

Ontario ARC

Liza Savage-Katz Productions

Kaleidoscope ME

Embrace Every Angle


Simon Business School


Heart in the Moment Mindfulness