LESLIE MACDONALD - MSC., RAD-TC, Certified Pilates Matwork Instructor

Leslie started her long life in dance in 1967 at the age of 5 at the  National Ballet School in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday mornings, then studied  as a teenager at the Lois Smith School of Dance, and in the George Brown College dance program in Toronto. After extensive training as an adult under Patricia McLeod and Linda Godwin at the Royal City School of Dance in Guelph, Ontario, she passed the required executant exams then  successfully undertook the Teaching Certification examination of the Royal Academy of Dancing, passing with honours. More than 10 years of teaching students of every age followed. Her Pilates teacher training began soon after at Pilates in Guelph, with certification as a Mat Specialist completed at Body Harmonics in Toronto.  Studies at Dance Theatre David Earle in Guelph sparked a strong interest in modern dance, and a deep respect for mature dancers in general, and for Martha Graham in particular. After moving to Rochester in 2009 she was privileged to have studied with and taught for Christine Fendley of the Park Avenue Dance company, and recently for Elizabeth Clarke.

She has also worked with students of trumpet at the Eastman School of Music and at brass player’s symposia, applying the principals of Pilates for improved breathing, posture and increased confidence while performing. In the fall of 2016, retiring after a 30 year career in biological sciences research, Leslie is now focused full time on exploring teaching opportunities working with dancers, musicians and athletes and playing a lot more trumpet in local orchestras and small ensembles. After an intensive 100 hour Pilates retraining and recertification program with Body Harmonics in Toronto in the fall of 2016 Leslie is delighted to be a member of Nu Movement and the possibilities it offers for teachers and students alike.