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Jaclyn is a certified Reiki practitioner and founder of Remember Wellness.  Her passion lies in helping clients rediscover their own natural, healthy state of being. Her mission is to provide a comfortable space for people to relax and heal the mind, body and energetic systems. Her life journey has led her to practice martial arts, yoga, and meditation. These experiences have culminated in a deeper understanding of healing and universal energy.

In addition to her weekly Align with Meditation + Reiki class, she holds a once a month Yin Yoga + Reiki workshop with Liza Savage-Katz.

Jaclyn does by appointment intuitive energy work sessions at several locations in the Rochester area. Contact her to schedule a session at Nu Movement!

EMAIL: Rememberwellness@gmail.com   PHONE: (585)506-6543  WEB: Rememberwellness.us