HOLLY RIZZO: Yoga Instructor

Yoga is all about connection....
In 1998 I had chronic all over body pain that had me nearly bed ridden for months. I had been to all the right doctors, done all the right tests; yet none of them could diagnose this pain. This was 20 years ago, I was living in Florida and had never heard of yoga. When the last doctor I saw recommended I do some research into alternative healing methods, yoga resonated with me. I got a yoga cd and began practicing at home, with this intense focus on the sensations of pain in my body and sensations of not pain.  My body was communicating through these levels of not pain and pain, and that was what informed my movements in practice. Practicing this way also lead to greater awareness in how I lived my life. I started to make changes in my life to improve my health and that of my family. The intense pain that brought me to yoga, slowly went away. Back then it was hard to put my finger on one single reason for its departure, as I had changed so many things simultaneously and I was busy living! I know today, the mind and body connection I found in my yoga practice is what made and continues to make healing possible in my life.

I practice yoga almost every day and my curiosity has continued to grow and evolve right along with my practice. I have so much direct experience with yoga practice leading to healing in my life, I feel compelled to share it with others. It truly is an honor for me to guide students as they discover connection and healing within themselves through the practice of yoga.

Holly has 700 hours of Yoga Teacher certifications. She recently earned a teaching certificate from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School, where she plans to continue her education to become an internationally certified Yoga Therapist. She is a volunteer at the Women's Sanctuary and a Yoga Service Council member. She is a mom and grandmom to many fur and non-fur beings whom she adores. She loves to sing, although not everyone loves when she does. She gardens, paints, writes and loves summertime and chocolate. You can connect with her here or on her website Mbodiedyoga.org