Meet our Exhibition Coordinator

Sharon Locke

Sharon Locke is an interdisciplinary artist whose expertise includes ceramic, glass and metal sculpture, installation art, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography and video art.

 “My creative process is a combination of intelligence and mystery. My strength is the capacity to express with integrity, human experiences and primal emotions.” 

In 2015, The American Advertising Association awarded her short video documentary,  “Survivors of Sexual Assault”, an Addy for “Best of Video and Broadcasting” and a Gold for “Public Service Announcement”. 

Sharon earned a BA and BFA in sculpture from University of Colorado, a MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard Collage, a Certificate for “Creative Studies” while working on her doctorate (Consciousness and Spirituality) at Saybrook University. 
She was awarded a 1-year scholarship to study painting and at Leo Marchutz School of Fine Art in Aix en Provence, France and
was the recipient of a 14-month fellowship to study bronze casting at Mariani Fonderia Artistica in Pietrasanta, 

She is a creativity empowerment coach at Beyond Creative Boundaries. She facilitates artists to investigate their creative process, expand their artistic practice, and discover what their art has yet to become.
Sharon has taught Creative Exploration classes and workshops to various populations in Rochester, NY and Berkeley. CA.

“I am excited to be a team member of Nu Movement and have the opportunity to facilitate artists to share their work in our space.”
“Integrating visual art into our environmental energy of mind, body, and spiritual practices enhances the potential for individual and community transformation.”

Please click HERE to submit an application for Art Exhibition consideration if you are an artist interested in being featured in the Nu Movement Gallery.