Amy and Melanie, besides fitness, have many shared passions, values and affiliations.   They enjoy living life to the fullest and this is enhanced gaining further cultural competence, reaching out in service to their community and always seeking educational experiences.   

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Amy is an AFAA certified group exercise fitness instructor. She has been teaching Zumba©, Kettlebell AMPD©, The Masala Bhangra Workout© and other fitness formats for people of all ages and fitness levels for over two decades.

Her favorite thing about teaching group exercise classes is seeing the participants smiling and laughing, having fun together, while at the same time improving their fitness capabilities and goals for healthy living.  Being employed by a local corporation keeps Amy’s attention during the weekdays. However, during leisure time and when not teaching a fitness class, she enjoys attending dance, music and art related events with friends and family.                                                                        

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Melanie is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor. She has been teaching The Masala Bhangra Workout©, Zumba©, Kettlebell AMPD© and other fitness formats for kids and adults of all ages and stages. Her biggest joy within the safe supportive space of her class are her participants from all walks of life challenge themselves together and hone their own flair.  She splits her time during the day working with older kids and adults at Monroe Community College and also is the Director of Arts and Enrichment with a local outreach agency. When not teaching classes, Melanie enjoys bird watching, ethnic studies, art house films, oil-painting, drawing, writing, reading, and appreciating music of all sorts.