Thank you for your interest in Make Your Mark, a 200-hour yoga alliance certified teacher training. We are excited to get to know you and take this comprehensive and life changing journey together.

Danielle is very passionate about highly individualized coaching; the following questions will help us get to know you better and explore ways to best serve you throughout the training.
These questions are also meant to give you insight into the topics and type of work we’ll be exploring. Please answer each question briefly, a short paragraph will give us insight into your thoughts and reflections. Please also share honestly; there are no right or wrong answers here. 
In rare cases, we may make a recommendation to forgo this training at this time if we think another route would better serve you. In that case, we will refund you the full $500 deposit and support you with recommendations for further yoga education and training. You’ll be invited to re-apply at our next offering.
Thank you again for your interest in joining this special group. Teacher training is a place to make life long friends and experience unparalleled support in living your most fulfilling and purposeful life.

Look forward to connecting with you along this journey.
With Love,
Danielle Rinallo & Stevie Oakes

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