All Art Exhibitions can be viewed by all those attending classes seven days a week, or by booking an appointment with our Exhibition Coordinator, Sharon Locke (585) 732-9030

Exhibition featured March 5th through May 5th

Exhibition featured March 5th through May 5th


                                                                                                    Artist Statement: The figure dominates my work. I draw from live models usually; occasionally I use a photo reference. I like the energy and the interaction from the drawing sessions. That interaction with another person and the part they play in the creation of work is evident in the piece. The theme of energy led me to develop other types of work that express the internal energy in ourselves and the direction it can take during a creative process. The paintings do not depict an object, person, or scene outside of us, but something purely from our imagination.

This is a touch point for the viewer to go wherever they feel. This venue of a yoga studio/gallery is an ideal place to show both of these types of work.

This Exhibition also features the complementary poetry of Pamela A. Babusci,    Award winning haiku & tanka poet

What inspired my poetry for Jono's abstract paintings: "what are we made up of? we are all stardust from the millisecond the big bang exploded 13.7 billion years ago, from a trillion light years away, we emerged out of the darkness into the light. every atom contained within us is encapsulated within every plant, mineral, blade of grass, in every drop of life-giving water, in every cell & everything that breathes. we are all connected, we are all intertwined. we are cosmic energy flowing through, above & below, in & out of this limitless universe to the outer recesses of space & time. every time our hearts beat or we breathe, the pulse of the cosmos reverberates through us, through our essence. we cannot be separated, for one cannot sustain without the other. we are interwoven, like the eternal threads the bind us, person to person, star to star. we are multi-dimensional, psychedelic rivers, each as unique, essential & diverse like the immeasurable points of light that illuminate the night sky." ~ Pamela A. Babusci

Poet's Biography:
Pamela is an internationally award-winning haiku/tanka & haiga artist. Some of her awards include: Museum of Haiku Literature Award, International Tanka Splendor Awards, First Place Tanka Yellow Moon Competition (Aust), First Place Kokako Tanka Competition (NZ), First Place Saigyo Tanka Competition (US), First Place Inaugural Tanka Festival, 6th International Japan Tanka Contest Certificate of Merit Award, 7th International Japan Tanka Contest Excellence
Award. Pamela is the founder and editor of: Moonbathing: a journal of women's tanka, the first all-women's international tanka journal. She has published two tanka collections, A Thousand Reasons and A Solitary Woman. Poetry and art have been an integral part of her existence since her early teenage years. She has a deep desire to be creative on a daily basis. It feeds her spirit and soul, gives meaning to her life, and will continue to be a driving force until she meets her creator.

Exhibition featured May 6th through July 7th

Exhibition featured May 6th through July 7th

FIGURES IN MOTION: By Artist, Jim Thomas

                                                                                                    Artist Statement: As an artist my visual form vocabulary has always been grounded in the human figure.  From my biomorphic abstract paintings of the 1960’s, light sculptures of the 1970’s & 80’s to the bone x-ray sculptures and life size graphite drawings of the 1990’s, my references have always been the study of human form.  Around 2005 I returned to a more representational image of the figure to explore color using oil pastel, for me a new medium.  Over the next six years this led to a series of figurative works which is represented in this exhibit.  During that time I explored the relationship between color, form, movement and composition.  The results yielded an interplay between what is recognizable and what is abstract.

As a participant in viewing this exhibit perhaps you can find some positive connection to my work, be it on an emotional level or in a more formal studied sense.

Nu Movement’s goal is to create a center for exploration, collaboration and spiritual fusion within the holistic wellness, performing and visual art practices.