All Art Exhibitions can be viewed by all those attending classes seven days a week, or by booking an appointment with our Exhibition Coordinator, Sharon Locke (585) 732-9030

Exhibition featured May 6th through July 7th

Exhibition featured May 6th through July 7th

FIGURES IN MOTION: By Artist, Jim Thomas

Artist Statement: As an artist my visual form vocabulary has always been grounded in the human figure.  From my biomorphic abstract paintings of the 1960’s, light sculptures of the 1970’s & 80’s to the bone x-ray sculptures and life size graphite drawings of the 1990’s, my references have always been the study of human form.  Around 2005 I returned to a more representational image of the figure to explore color using oil pastel, for me a new medium.  Over the next six years this led to a series of figurative works which is represented in this exhibit.  During that time I explored the relationship between color, form, movement and composition.  The results yielded an interplay between what is recognizable and what is abstract.

As a participant in viewing this exhibit perhaps you can find some positive connection to my work, be it on an emotional level or in a more formal studied sense.

Nu Movement’s goal is to create a center for exploration, collaboration and spiritual fusion within the holistic wellness, performing and visual art practices.