Exhibition featured July 10th through September 1st

Exhibition featured July 10th through September 1st

ARTIST STATEMENT: When creating art, I attempt to exhaust the endless possibilities of process, media and content. It is important to ascertain what the physical properties and characteristics can do and how these effects will influence my work. I respond and create with my senses and my intellect.  Relating to my audience and displaying a visual diary of my conscious and subconscious spirit brings meaning, personal style and ownership to my work. Currently my focus areas are painting, drawing, and mixed media.

For this exhibit I was inspired by nature and the human form. It’s simply exhilarating to experience being in the moment, absorbing the studio surroundings and submerging myself in nature. I also believe studying the human form is vital as well as a continual and familiar foundation for artists. For centuries artists have examined and captured the complexities of the human form using a variety of mediums. Drawing the body for me reflects the diversity of the human form, movement and the relationship between artist and subject. 
Using nature as my guide, I combine my skills, a variety of mediums and my spirit resulting in a strong and unique body of work. 


GAIL HOSKING ARTIST STATEMENT: ““The soul thinks in images,” Aristotle said. Which is why, no doubt, the collage art form drew me in during a life crisis. Like the imaginative texts of dreams, these collages started from the inside without a conscious plan and then piece by piece, lead to alchemy with its surprise meanings. The energy of dislocation and the meditative improvisation took on a jigsaw puzzle quality until something complete unfolded. This art process celebrated the connective resourcefulness of the human mind, and eventually brought me back to myself. 

SHORT BIO: Gail Hosking is writer, author and teacher living in Rochester, NY. Her writing has been anthologized and published in many literary journals. She is the author of the memoir Snake’s Daughter: The Roads in and out of War, as well as the poetry chapbook The Tug. She was a finalist for the Center for Book Arts Chapbook contest, a finalist for Iowa Review’s creative non-fiction contest and a semi-finalist for “Discover the Nation” poetry prize. Two of her essays were considered “most notable” in Best American Essays of 2015 and 2016. She holds an MFA from Bennington College and taught at RIT for fifteen years. She loves to quilt, hike, and “make things.”

Exhibition featured September 6th through November through November 6th

Exhibition featured September 6th through November through November 6th

MARIA LAUENSTEIN ARTIST STATEMENT: I am interested in spirits—meaning the fears, joys, vulnerabilities and pride that pass through animals and humans. I am curious what these spirits look like: their essential gestures and stances, their colors, patterns and shapes.

My art is not intellectual. It comes from turning off the thinking part of the brain, so that what flutters up in the branches or lurks in the corners of our human hearts can find its physical form. 
There is something magical about the hard hollowness of paper mache: the fact that something like outdated newspaper—flat , two-dimensional and full of words—can  be transformed into something hard and full of feeling.  

Sometimes the figures paint themselves. Other times I have to paint them many times before the colors and patterns come right. Once that happens, once they find their simple essence, they seem to spring to life. That’s when I know that they are done.

Some ponder. Others fly. Still others wait for people to pass before they begin to speak.

Nu Movement’s goal is to create a center for exploration, collaboration and spiritual fusion within the holistic wellness, performing and visual art practices. All Art Exhibitions can be viewed by all those attending classes seven days a week, or by booking an appointment with Exhibition Coordinator, Sharon Locke (585) 732-9030