Vibrational Alignment: Meditation & Multi-Gong Bath


Vibrational Alignment: Meditation & Multi-Gong Bath

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Vibrational Alignment: Meditation & Multi-Gong Bath:

  • Calm the mind & emotions
  • Balance Glandular system
  • Strengthen Nervous system
  • Activate Neurology & Neurotransmitters  
  • Re-Pattern your magnetic field
  • Experience a deep state of relaxation & reduce stress
  • Heighten awareness & increase focus and clarity
  • Balance Chakras & release blocked energy

The focus will be on healing and elevation of body, mind and spirit by attuning you to high-frequency vibrations through breath and sound. 
Open yourself to receive answers from your soul through a powerful Praanayam/Meditation. Get cozy, relax, let go of all other thoughts and bathe in the healing vibrations of the Universal Gong.

You will experience the realm of vibrant health and well-being. This will support releasing mental stress and worry as you enter this nurturing and healing sound bath with your pure intentions for healing and light. Your Participation requires you to lie or sit down, close your eyes and relax in Savasana. Then let the original sounds of the Universal gong take you on a profound transformational Journey whilst releasing you from the old bondages of the past and directing you towards the path of authentic truth essence of our origin and provide a key to remembering who we are.

The universe is powered by sound. The gong is the basic creative sound. Out of the gong comes all music, all sounds, all words. The sound of the gong is the nucleus of the Word. The mind was created out of this sound: it is like the father and mother together. The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. It is the one thing that supersedes the mind. The mind has no power before the gong. It takes three to ninety seconds for the sound of the gong to overtake the mind. Then we are free of the conditioned habitual pattern of the perceptual filters of our magnetic field. We have expanded beyond the frequency of our mental imprints. We now have the opportunity to experience new realms of our own psyche, new energetic aspects of our own being, new dimensions of ourselves. We have the choice to explore, to create. This is the true flexibility of yoga---the beginning of the union of the finite within the infinite.

Among the tools the yogi has to merge the finite with the infinite the gong reigns supreme. It is not an ordinary thing to play; it is an art to play the gong. The gong is not a drum or a musical instrument. The gong is a beautiful reinforced vibration. It is an inter-vibratory system. It is like a multitude of strings, like playing a million strings.

Regular listening to the gong will re-pattern your magnetic field, open you to the vastness of your own psyche, and release you from all that prevents you from living a life of complete and utter happiness.

$15 drop-in / $25 total if you bring a friend / $40 (3) Class Pass

 SUNDAYS  5:30pm - 6:45pm - classes begin 4/8

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