The Morning Practice with Liza Savage-Katz

The Morning Practice with Liza Savage-Katz

from 12.00
  • Inspired by the Ashtanga Yoga primary series'

  • Regulates your sleep & balances your hormones

  • Helps to build a healthy, consistent routine

  • Can boost your metabolism & detoxify your body

  • Is a greate caffeine alternative!

  • Prevents injury and achiness throughout the day.

The regular sequence will allow you to witness marked results within this practice. The satisfaction of seeing the once impossible become possible is truly wonderful to experience.

This practice is open to everyone who has a desire to improve their life. No experience necessary and all yoga mats and props are provided. Affordable at $12 for one class, $30 for the week, and if you are really committed to practicing regularly, $75 for the month!

“Do your practice and all is coming”- John Scott

MON / WED / FRI 6:00 - 7:00 AM

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