Intuitive Yoga Flow

Intuitive Yoga Flow

from 12.00

This unique yoga-inspired movement class with Alyssa Budinock is intimate, undisciplined, and oh-so freeing! This class is designed for those curious souls who are seeking new possibilities in movement and a deeper connection with the body. All are welcome and no previous experience is required.

The body is an extraordinary communicator. We don’t need to tell our bodies how to stretch when we first wake up in the morning. Lying in bed, the body tells us how to move and shift. Amazingly, the same intuitive beckoning happens when we listen to a song that makes us want to shake our blessings!

In this class we’ll reconnect with the body’s “song” and natural intelligence by exploring classic yoga poses with invitations for free movement. We’ll access poses like warrior and invite hips, heart, arms and hands to undulate in ways the body is calling for.

We’ll also be engaging in free-flowing sequences, breath work, and meditation in motion - without being glued to our mats. We’ll flow from cobra to camel, allowing movement to meet the breath or flow with the music.

By listening deeply to our inner guide, (and a killer playlist!) we will learn to embody our most authentic expressions of characteristics like gratitude, strength, compassion, balance and surrender. Above all, we’ll learn to lean into a more loving relationship with the body.

Pricing: $12 drop in / $33 (3) Class Pass / $50 (5) Class Pass

THURSDAYS 6:45pm - 7:45pm - no class 4/4

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