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Partnering & Improvisation: Lead, Follow, Listen

Lead by Instructor Katherine Marino { Katherine Marino Dance } of Rochester's own PUSH Physical Theater { }

Students will practice foundational concepts of contemporary partnering such as touch, weight-sharing, and lifting. Unlike classical forms of partnering, we approach this improvisational technique without the traditional roles of “base/flier.” Within this improvisational form, the roles of  “leader” and “follower” are in constant flux, changing from one moment to the next. In this workshop we explore the contradiction of being both “follower” and “leader” within the same moment, while emphasising the importance of presence and physical listening. Individuals of all genders and body types are welcome and encouraged to work together.

Although previous dance or movement training is helpful, in this class we focus on various structured and improvisational exercises rather than set choreography or dance steps. This is a wonderful training opportunity for actors, dancers, acrobats, and athletes.

Requirements: Curiosity and playfulness. Must be comfortable working in physical contact with the other participants. Adults 18+. 


Pre-Registration: $15 / Same Day: $17

College Student Discount: Pre-Registration: $12 / Same Day: $14

*It is NOT necessary to bring a partner.

*Limited to 10 participants to ensure safety and individual attention. Advance reservation recommended. Click HERE to signup now!