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Free Yourself Workshop Series: Liberate your Body: Body Mapping & Gentle Flow Yoga

(Workshop #1) Liberate your Body: Body Mapping & Gentle Flow Yoga

Find greater freedom in your body through a creative Kripalu inspired body mapping exercise designed to access where you are sub-consciously blocking energy in your body. We all have a tendency to tighten in response to life’s difficulties, in fact we do it so often, that we tend to be completely unaware of habitual ways that we clench and hold. This chronic tension creates dullness and disease in the body.

In this workshop with Instructor, Audra Dion, you will be tapping into your creativity by using color and drawing, but don’t worry no skill is required! This is self-discovery, not an artistic workshop! You will then take your findings onto your mats, moving through a gentle asana sequence that will open your nadis (energy channels) and actively free the stagnant energy in your body. You will leave feeling liberated, open, and energetic.

Cost: $20 / all yoga mats and props are provided as well as art supplies / space limited to 20 participants