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Om Chanting: Free Class

It is time for another OM chanting circle! Join us at Nu Movement where we will harmoniously chant the primordial and healing sound OM together in a group for about 45 mins! 

OM Chanting is an ancient group healing technique that uses the universal vibration of OM to provide transformation and healing support to all people and the planet. OM is the primordial vibration from which all the other vibrations or sounds come, and thus the whole creation. It has a very powerful harmonizing, balancing and healing potential. 

The OM chanting technique uses OM in a specific way which is amplified and strengthened by the blessing of the Masters. It is a very energizing practice and at the same time very healing, especially on the emotional level. The powerful vibration of the mantra OM helps us reconnect with our true essence and create balance between us at the external world.  As you sit in the OM chanting circle you can feel lifetimes of fear begin to dissipate. As fear dissipates, you get closer to who you really are - divine Love. 

When you chant OM in a circle you don't do it just for yourself but for other people as well. The joy of serving others is something that the world really needs right now, because the world needs to be changed and filled with more positivity. That's exactly what OM chanting does: it purifies your own negativity and the collective negativity of our species!

By lending your voice to this group OM Chanting, you will add your contribution to uplifting everyone that attends. The vibration of OM is also very healing to the physical location of the area where OM Chanting is practiced and it benefits Mother Earth as well. 

Come and experience the power of OM and feel the vibration for yourself! 

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