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The Art of Conscious Eating & Yoga Practice for Digestion

This workshop is for anyone who struggles with diet issues of any kind. It will be particularly useful to those living with Digestive Disorders. One of the most powerful things that I have learned through my journey with Celiac Disease is how intricately food and eating is tied to my emotional state, and how these states affect my eating and digestion. 

In this workshop we will explore the following:

  • How Relaxation Affects Appetite
  • Rediscovering Natural Hunger
  • Are You Eating to Live or Living to Eat?

The final exploration will be a 75 minute Kripalu Yoga Class for Optimal Digestion. Please join Instructor, Audra Dion in this truly holistic and empowering workshop! Click HERE to signup now / space is limited to 20 mats.