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Glow with the Flow

We're super thrilled to be offering our Glow with the Flow Yoga class again this month! After so much positive feedback last month, we decided to bring it back. This will be the last Glow class before Kelsey heads off for foot surgery at the end of the month. Stay tuned for other future classes as she makes her way back into recovery.

Glow with the Flow is a unique twist on yoga. Yogis will be lead through a fast yet gentle power vinyasa sequence. All levels are welcome! Upbeat music will be played the entire class to keep you groovin' and focused in each of your asana's. We will be practicing under UV blacklights and other colored lights to help activate each of your senses through this 'glowga' experience.

Join us for a special night of fun and yoga, and we glow through the night together! Glow sticks will be provided for you to practice with and take home after. Black-light paint will be provided to help you glow like a warrior on your mats.

A special prize will be awarded to one lucky glowgi at the end of class. There will be a name drawn out of a jar for a chance to win an awesome Glow with the Flow prize!

**Arrive as early as 8:00 pm to put on your glow paints. Give yourself at least 8-10 minutes before class to let your paint dry (If that is something you would like to do).

What do you need?
*Water (If you don't have one with you, we sell water bottles for $1 at the studio)
*Mat (if you do not have one...we do! Fully stocked prop room)
*Wear: Neon and/or white workout clothes. Whites activate the greatest under the black-lights.
*Yourself, maybe a friend/family, and a positive attitude
*Any other glow things you would like to wear!...use your imagination

$15pp / includes glow paint, raffle entry and props / click HERE to signup now!