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Free Om Chanting Class

"Just Love - the essence of everything."

OM is the primordial sound pervading the whole Universe. Every OM chanting circle purifies us, the people around us, a large area around the circle, and the Mother Earth. It connects us with our true essence, which is pure Love. When we feel that connection, there is no room left for negative emotions, bad feelings or lack of direction. We all feel layers and layers of stuff that we carry around which prevent us to feel free, joyous and fulfilled. OM chanting takes this layers away from you! You will find that self-healing occurs through the practice - at the emotional, mental and physical level. 

OM chanting can also be used for healing or sending positivity to a person you love or a situation that you want to resolve. OM chanting is a group practice and it can also be seen as our selfless service (seva) for our communities and the world.

In this pre-holiday OM chanting circle we'll focus on transforming our negativity into pure Love, sending Love and positivity to the whole planet, which in the light of all the recent tragedies needs plenty of energetic support and healing. 

We'll be harmoniously chanting the powerful mantra OM for 45min. All props for sitting are available at the studio (including chairs if sitting on the floor is not a good option for you).