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OM Chanting Circle - Free Class

Join this OM Chanting circle, where we will learn the extreme healing power of the primordial sound OM, and chant it together in a group for about 45 mins!

OM Chanting is a very energizing practice and at the same time, it is very healing, especially on the emotional level. OM is the primordial sound creating and pervading the whole universe. The meaning of OM is extremely rich, complex and deep - this workshop will teach you the benefits of chanting OM in a group, and you'll be able to experience it's power yourself!

After learning about the significance & effects of OM Chanting, we chant together in a circle for 45 mins. For all the participants of OM Chanting, you will find that self-healing occurs through the practice. The healing occurs at the emotional, mental and physical level. Through this, you can focus on anything you want to heal from your past. 

You will feel the power and positive energy of the vibration of OM and also the energy generated in the group. By lending your voice to this group OM Chanting, you will add your contribution to uplifting everyone that attends. The vibration of OM is also very healing to the physical location of the area where OM Chanting is practiced and it benefits Mother Earth as well. 

Come and experience the power of OM and feel the vibration for yourself! This is a FREE class!

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