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Sadhana Practice Workshop: A Journey of Self Exploration & Discovery

Sādhanā Practice Workshop: A Journey of Self Exploration & Discovery

2 Session Workshop:
Sunday, March 6th AND March 20th
12:30 - 2:30pm each day
$40pp {includes both sessions}

Please join Joanna for a Sādhanā, during this time of renewal - as we celebrate the arrival of Spring, the Equinox and welcome fresh starts. 

What is a Sādhanā?

In Sanskrit, Sādhanā translates to "a means of accomplishing something through a daily practice". It is simply a daily practice undertaken in the pursuit of a goal. A practice that connects you to YOU. A time for Self Study. It can help you create a new path, manifest a dream, and/or tap into your intuition so that you can live from a more authentic place.

Your daily Sādhanā practice is of your choice. The practice can be as simple as going for a walk or run each day, a brief yoga practice, a 10 minute meditation, or even just sitting in silence and focusing on the breath to calm the mind. 

What the 2 Session Workshop Entails:

SESSION 1 {3/6} - Your journey will begin the weekend prior to the New Moon. A time or re-birth. During this session, we will discuss in more detail what a Sādhanā Practice is. Set intentions based on what aspect of ourself we want to work on, evolve, etc. We'll discuss ideas for simple, attainable & enjoyable practices - that support your intention and you can commit to daily. 

+ For the next 2 weeks in between, Simply set aside a few minutes daily for your Sādhanā practice of choice, journal the process and enjoy the journey! +

SESSION 2 {3/20} - Your journey will end 2 weeks later, on The Spring Equinox and week of the Full Moon. A time to see your goals come to fruition. The session will include group discussion on experiences during those two weeks, how you felt before and after the Sādhanā and sharing outcomes.

{BOTH SESSIONS: will start with smudging and a cleansing Pranayama. And end in a Guided Meditation and Deep Relaxation.}

+ Needed Tools: A journal, pen and a dream.
+ Reserve your spot. Space is limited.