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Virabhadrasana Series: Unleash the Warrior Within

Virabhadrasana are holistically strong postures, helping us build physical strength as well as confidence to embrace the Warrior within us all. Join Joanna McNelis, RYT as she guides us through a series of empowering Warrior postures, including a wide variety of variations {like the picture shown: Retreating Warrior, aka Skandasana}, and proper counter poses to make for a fierce yoga sequence.  

Warrior Postures celebrate the unique strengths and positive qualities that live within each of us. They connect us to the absolute power that resides within our bodies to keep us strong like a Warrior. These are excellent postures to restore a feeling of power, keep a focused & clear mind and know that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. As we flow through these poses, we can focus on the silent mantra  “I can & I will” to hush our inner voice of self-doubt!

This workshop will focus heavily on alignment, modifications and the benefits of Virabhadrasana and all its variations. Workshop style is a Hatha Slow Flow - as we stay in the postures longer {delving deeper into our bodies & minds} we work our core and build strength, stamina, endurance and focus. Come unleash your inner Warrior...

* Pre-registration is required: limit 20 mats // Cost: $15 click HERE to signup now!