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Closing Artist Reception for VOID, a solo exhibition with performance art by Eran Hanlon

VOID stems from artist Eran Hanlon's on-going research into body as art, and the generative and multimedia process of transforming movement into still art into live performance. The digital image exhibition of this project presents a minimalist aesthetic: blending the human body and aspects of nature within an ambient and surreal environment. A live performance premieres during the opening reception on April 1st by Hanlon Dance & Company: featuring a duet by Alaina Olivieri and Hanlon. This duet develops out of the digital images of VOID, as well as Hanlon's newest project 'Through the Roof of Your Mouth,' which explores sexuality & violence. This newest piece premieres with a larger ensemble of performers at Nazareth College later in April.

ARTISTIC STATEMENT: Hanlon’s investigations into the creative process attend to the aesthetic challenges of portraying human nature and complex relationships within richly layered and often surreal environments. He collaborates intimately with other artists to generate original movement while simultaneously discovering and synthesizing the through-line of source material into meaningful form. His direction emphasizes the development of personal intention and inner narrative of each performer. In doing so, Hanlon aims to render the emergence of embodied otherness through highly charged movement and the power of nuance. Visit for more information about the artist.