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Movement Mix Dance Workshop

The Movement Mix Dance Workshop will focus on blending modern dance, ballet, African dance and expressive movement in a positive, supportive atmosphere. The 90-minute workshop will give those not familiar with dance the opportunity to move their body in new ways and offer those with experience the chance to build and strengthen their skills.

The class will begin with a floor warm-up, leading to standing movement and across-the-floor combinations. The workshop will also include piecing together movement to form a small, expressive routine and end with a relaxing stretch to cool down. 

The Movement Mix Workshop will be hosted by two of Nu Movement's long-time instructors: Kassie Baggs (Afro Modern Mix) and Jenni Graham (PiYo Live). Each instructor has a large amount of dance experience both teaching to performing and want to share their passion for movement with the community. 

Cost: $12 advance online sale / $10 for persons already enrolled in Afro - Modern Mix or PiYo / $15 day of drop in price. Click HERE to signup now!