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Ground and Awaken Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

What is it to be REALLY GROUNDED? The term grounding is thrown around all over the place in the mindfulness community. But what is it to be really and truly grounded?

In this yoga workshop, we will ground ourselves with the help of the chakras (energy centers in the spine) by moving our physical bodies, pushing our emotional hearts to expand their normal limits and letting our minds take a mini-vacation. 

When we ground we feel centered. We feel a sense of wholeness and connection within ourselves which leads us to have more energy, feel more vibrant, and know our purpose on this planet. 

If you're ready for a wild and relaxed ride into your you Center, this workshop is for YOU!

We will also have the pleasure of experiencing live djembe (African drum) accompaniment for part of the class! 

Meet the Instructor: Sarah Lamb, 500 hour certified yoga instructor and Reiki master teacher, who has been teaching and healing for 10 plus years in the Rochester community. will facilitate this workshop. The practices are based on her own personal approach to centering and grounding that she's had amazing results with in her personal life. 
You can find out more about Sarah on her website:

Cost: $30 pre-registration. Click HERE to signup now. Cost: $35 at the door.