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First Friday Opening Reception: A Solo Exhibition by artist AJ Dungan

Join us during First Friday Citywide Gallery Night for an evening filled with art, discussions and lite refreshments. Artist, AJ Dungan will be in attendance to elaborate on his work and the creative process. This event is free and open to the public.


To understand my art, you must question how and why it requests your participation. The images I create, though they may have an air of incompletion, should take your hand, leading your mind to its next destination. Much like a puzzle, you as the viewer are invited to navigate through the fractured and partial forms, completing a story that is unique to you. These compositions are intended to create a feeling of motion within a momentary event.  Their purpose is rooted in the uncertainty that innately exists within our romantic relationships, feelings of love and sensuality.  As you view my work, I invite you to explore and play with the vast array of shifting planes and changing perspectives that it embodies.  Here, I challenge you to join me in the act of re-composition and encourage you to discover something different each time you view it. 

AJ (TONY) DUNGAN is represented by the OXFORD GALLERY. For sales inquiries please contact JIM HALL at 585-271-5885 or e-mail