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Closing Artist Reception for, THE VISUAL SPIRIT: WORKS IN PROGRESS

Please join us for our First Friday Closing Reception of, THE VISUAL SPIRIT: WORKS IN PROGRESS, by Artist: Chad Cleveland. His work will be displayed in the Nu Movement Gallery from 6/8 - 7/5, and can be enjoyed by all those attending our classes seven days a week. The evening will also include live dance performances, live music and lite refreshments.


Most of my current work is in a state of uncertainty. They are framed works in progress. I am more interested in the journey of making art, rather than an end result. Most of my work here has a very raw, studio feel to it. You mind find creases or rips in the paper, tape still attached to canvas, fingerprints, dog prints, footprints, and such. I am a curious painter, and so I often find an idea/materiel/technique, abandon it midstream, and start something new. All of my art is a glimpse of an idea, with no finished product in mind. It is not to say I don’t consider composition. I will not usually depart a work without a consideration of how the image fits into the framework of its format.  Visually I am drawn to nature, people and places. I have an affinity for landscapes, architecture and portraiture. 
 I am very curious about the human spirit and the journey within, whether it’s a stranger or a personal acquaintance. There is an underlying energy to what we see, and I am interested in how this energy interacts with the biological/manmade architecture in this world. Whether it’s a look, stare, or a gaze I am captivated by the world within that resides behind the eyes. It is not my hope to steer the viewer into what I want them to particularly see or feel in my art, it is my hope that they have their own personal experience with it. 


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