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 Class Sponsored by Fabletics 
{Each attendee will receive a Fabletics Swag Bag full of goodies.}

Want to try Restorative Yoga but are unsure about it? Well now's your chance. On Monday June 15th, Nu Movement will be offering a free Intro. to Restorative Yoga Class with Joanna. Relax into the blissful practice of Restorative Yoga where your body is fully supported with props allowing your muscles to release tension, your mind to release stress and your spirit to open to whatever life brings. This 75 minute practice is open to students of all levels, has tremendous health benefits and will help you feel fully charged to tackle your week ahead. 

Worried Restorative Yoga is more for beginners or the injured? Quite the contrary. It is a beneficial and holistic component to all of our yoga practices. Providing the balance needed with the Yin to our Yang Yoga. Restorative yoga poses are explored along with breathing exercises {Pranayama}, Relaxation Techniques and Meditation. It embraces all those fabulous "R" words, too ---> leaving us feeling relaxed, restored, refreshed, rejuvenated, recharged, re-energized, etc...

And for those who utilize Yoga more as an aerobic or athletic practice, it's extremely beneficial as well . It's a perfect class to take on your "rest" day, which is needed to help build muscles.

Come unwind to prepare for your busy week ahead with a treat for the mind, body and spirit. Receive a complimentary Fabletics Swag Bag and enter for a chance to win a Gift Basket.

{Classes are normally only $5 pp - a great deal and a great way to pamper yourself each week, on a budget}.

There will be a few gift baskets to giveaway as door prizes:
•    a Smoothie Gift Basket
•    a dōTERRA Gift Basket
•    a Gaiam Yoga Gift Basket 

Please reserve your spot - Space is limited to approx. 20 mats