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Freaky Yoga Friday

Join us for this Halloween Edition of our monthly Free Yoga Friday!

This will be more like a Halloween Party, with scary music, Yoga by candlelight, hot apple cider and other lite refreshments. We encourage all those who wish to attend to dress up, and be prepared to let go and get freaky with us!

Here are some scary versions of some poses you will be doing...

Halloween Yoga:

Skeleton (Mountain Pose)
Practice the White Skeleton Visualization technique if you know it.

Crooked Tree (Tree Pose with Side Stretch)
Visualize a creepy tree swaying in the moon-lit, fog-laden darkness.

Witch on a Broom (Chair Pose)
Pretend you are witch, fiercely riding across the sky on your magic broomstick. Make it even more weird by "smelling out the children" (apparently a witch ability) with Breath of Fire (optional).

Bat (Standing Forward Bend or Rag Doll Pose)
Hang forward like a sleepy bat.

Haunted House (Downward-Facing Dog)
Shape your body like the roof of a haunted house.

Black Cat (Cat Pose)
Dome your back like a frightened cat. Make it even more weird with a shamelessly loud cat hiss aka Lion’s Breath (optional).

Pumpkin (Child’s Pose)
Round your body like a pumpkin.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)
Conclude, as always, in a corpse-like stillness.

But seriously, don't be afraid to get weird tonight. Let your inner child run free!

We have extended the class an extra hour to allow for ample party time! 

We are truly passionate about sharing the physical and mental benefits of yoga with the Rochester Community.