Yoga means, literally, “to yoke” or union. It is the physical, mental and spiritual practice originating in ancient India striving to attain a state of peace of mind in order to experience one’s true self.
I found the physical practice of yoga when looking for something new and interesting, with the idea that I might find a good workout, a community of like-minded souls, and increased flexibility, strength and movement. I have always been active and enjoyed many physical fitness activities throughout the years – from neighborhood baseball as a little girl, cheerleading in high school, racquetball, Nautilus, women’s softball, rollerblading, and most recently, my love of hiking, weights, and P90x.
A nearby studio offered power vinyasa. In this energetic yoga flow I found a physical challenge, encouragement for self-exploration, and a safe space in which to practice both. As a “rookie,” I was worried about “doing it right” and “keeping up”. There was little pressure and much encouragement from Breathe teachers – they assured me my poses were just right while challenging me to find my edge, drop all that was unnecessary onto the mat, and to find my center, peace.
I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my own practice, with no intention of teaching. I wanted to learn the poses, and to find more balance in mind, body and spirit. I was greatly surprised by the personal transformation initiated through the Teacher Training. I had not anticipated the raw authenticity, the deeply personal connection to my classmates, the heart opening, soul sharing spiritual experience that I found it to be.
I made the decision to teach yoga, to share my experience, revelation and joy in this practice. After years of grasping for balance, I found it where I least expected. Far beyond an exercise routine, yoga for me is a place of peace, centering, awareness and presence. I have been integrating yogic philosophy into my therapy approach to help clients connect with all that is positive and beautiful within themselves, to heal, to grow, and to lead a whole and balanced life.

My classes emphasize connection to self, body, vital energy and spirit as we flow through a sequence of poses. Find your breath, experience the sensations in your body and move to your inner rhythm. Designed to promote mindfulness and awareness, I encourage you to release all that weighs you down, and pick up all that nourishes you. Classes are held in a heated room and work to create heat within. You will be challenged physically but more importantly, you will be challenged to find that union between body, mind and spirit.Take all that you need from my class, drink in the energy, and find your way to enlightened presence and noble engagement.

I hold a Master’s degree and license in Social Work, certificates in Trauma Counseling and Adoption Therapy. I have provided counseling through volunteerism, private practice and through my work at a local child welfare agency for more than 20 years. I am a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200), registered with Yoga Alliance. I offer evening and weekend hours for therapy, hold regular yoga classes and offer private yoga instruction.