Kathryn Lorraine is a certified Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher. After teaching various styles of yoga and meditation in Boston and Washington, D.C. she has brought her passion and love for this practice back to her hometown of Rochester, NY.

Kathryn’s style of teaching emphasizes the merging of the mind, spirit and body. True to her teachings in Kripalu Yoga her classes integrate pranayama, asanas and various styles of meditation. No matter what style she teaches she allows for creativity and for each student to play and expand their practice with her support. Her classes are inspired by the students in the room, her mission is to guide each person into an experience that is elevating and transformational.

To find out more about Kathryn please visit her website at www.kathrynlorraine.com follow her on instagram @kathrynlorraine or contact her at Kathryn@kathrynlorraine.com