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KATHRYN LORRAINE PELKEY - Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Leadership Coach.

Kathryn is a Spiritual Leadership Coach as well as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Her style weaves together esoteric and modern wisdom, intuition and uninhibited movement. She guides her clients into lasting transformation, showing them what it means to be truly alive, inspired and thriving in every part of their lives. 
Introduced to yoga at a young age Kathryn has dedicated her life to this practice and the wisdom it holds. She has trained with powerful teachers all over the world, and has studied in depth the various forms of meditation and yoga, yogic philosophy, leadership development, psychology and the groundbreaking Souluna Life Coaching model. After teaching in Australia, Boston, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Washington D.C. she feels a great passion for bringing her work back to her hometown of Rochester.

Through her teachings she empowers her clients to live the life they desire by:

  • Getting to know who they really are - what it means to be authentic and aligned
  • Forming a deep and loving relationship between spirit, mind and body
  • Finding stillness and inner peace, breaking away from the stresses and negative chatter of the mind
  • Embodying a practice that heightens life’s experiences - more energy, confidence, and clarity all with a positive mindset
  • Expanding their practice to reach new heights of awareness, flexibility and strength in all aspects of life

Kathryn currently offers a monthly women’s workshop - Roc Women's Spiritual Leadership and a weekly yoga class at NU MVMNT. She is available for private coaching and yoga sessions upon request.

To learn more about Kathryn and her work visit www.kathrynlorraine.com

To contact her and receive a free consultation:
(585) 267-6030
FB: www.facebook.com/kathrynlorrainepelkey
Insta: www.instagram.com/kathrynlorraine