A more cooperative way toward wellness

Nu Mvmnt is a Collective of Artists, Dancers, Yogis and holistic wellness advocates who share an Art Gallery Studio space located in the NOTA (Neighborhood of the Arts) in Rochester, NY. This is an Artisan Cooperative by definition, where all artists and teachers share an active role in supporting and sharing their art forms through classes, exhibitions and the curation of local artists. If you are interested in holding a class, workshop or event, please contact us for more information.

Upcoming Workshops

Nu Movement provides a fully stocked Prop-Room, separate from our Main Gallery & Studio. With everything from mats, blankets, yoga straps, blocks, bolsters, eye pillows, tennis balls and more! Keeping a separate Prop-Room allows students to practice in a large, clean and clutter free Art Gallery with all the pampering little extras.  We provide all the equipment you'll need to attend any weekly class or workshop!