FAYEBRIEL BARRETTE - RYT, Usui Reiki Certified Practitioner, Sound Healer, Tarot Reader, Root Worker

Fayebriel's journey on the path to holistic healing was a winding one. Her life long passion for studying music, magic, myth, religion, history, the super-natural, and all aspects of occult science continues to enrich her soul and thrill her mind. By blurring the lines and uniting wisdom from each of these fascinating subjects provides the inspiration behind her unique classes.

Having gazed into the shadow as well as the light side of these often considered taboo subjects has given Fayebriel a balanced understanding. Her diverse experience has helped her relate with a wide range of spiritual seekers. Her Yoga Teacher Training at Tru Yoga in Rochester, NY was a blessing and gave her a bridge for her ideas as well as an opportunity to help others open up to their own divine potential.

Fayebriel focuses on restoration of the subtle body. In her classes and workshops she utilizes props, sound, vibration, essential oils, and herbs to transport the practitioner to a place of healing and self discovery. Her classes are open to all experience levels . While practicing with Fayebriel you can trust you are in a safe open minded environment where you will be treated equally with loving intention and respect. Contact her any time with questions /  Email  / Instagram / Facebook