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January Gong Sound Immersion

Sunday, January 21st ( 7:30PM - 8:30PM ) $12pp / space is limited

Who doesn't need a mini escape during these cold January days? The sacred vibration of the gong will transport you on your personal inner journey where you will experience deep relaxation and a break from your ever-active mind. Sound and vibration help facilitate a deep sense of peace, release tension and blocked energy, and balance the energy centers in the body.

A gong bath (or immersion) is a form of sound therapy where the gong is played in a therapeutic way to bring about balance. Participants lay on the floor for about 45 min, covered with a blanket. It is very relaxing and calming, appropriate for everybody who is craving some deep rest and an overall body-mind-spirit reset. 

WHAT TO BRING? You want to make yourself as comfortable and warm as possible! All props are provided at the studio, but since this class tends to fill up, please BRING YOUR OWN blanket and pillow. A bottle of water is recommended. Complimentary tea is offered at the studio.

*A Gong Bath is not recommended for pregnant women, people with sensitivity to sound or conditions such as Tinnitus, Menieres and Epilepsy, or people with metal Implants, pins, screws or pacemakers.




Sunday, January 28th ( 6:45pm - 8:00pm ) $30pp / space limited to 20 guests

Restore & Recharge with Yin Yoga & Reiki lead by Liza Savage-Katz and Jaclyn Cellura-Crane is ideal if you are tired, over-stimulated, or experiencing an over active mind.  This class is beneficial whether you are craving more energy, or feeling you have too much of it. We provide sanctuary to calm the mind and stretch the body.

Yin Yoga aims to stretch and release tension in the deeper connective tissues surrounding the joints, (ligaments, tendons and fascia). Yin postures increase flexibility, release deep-seated energies, and prepare the body and mind for relaxation and meditation. These passive yet challenging yin postures consist mainly of floor poses (or can be modified to be done in a chair), which are held for 3-5 minutes at a time, encouraging the practitioner to dive inward on a physical and a mental level.

As students release into the therapeutic benefits of their yin practice, Reiki Master, Jaclyn Cellura-Crane, supports individuals in attaining a deeper state of relaxation and peace. Reiki is the hands-on (or hands off), Japanese technique of  energy healing. It offers stress reduction, relaxation, and has had profound benefits in those who practice it. The system is based on the concept of universal energy, the energy that animates and permeates every living being. When that energy is low, one is more likely to feel stressed or sick. Likewise, when one’s energy is flowing well, health, vitality and peace are more likely to occur. With our energy in balance, we can experience ourselves and the world around us with more openness and love.

+Each class includes meditative and empowering messages, essential oils and is accompanied with relaxing music. 

+Class space is limited so that everyone has hands on modifications and energy work and is open to all ages and levels.