Marissa Williams "Denise Blaq" - Dance Instructor

Dance is therapy for Denise. She lives and breathes it. She considers it to be her form of expression and a way to exude confidence. When she connects to a piece of music, the choreography unfolds within her and unleashes. All the while, taking a no holds barred attitude and embracing the spirit of a conquering warrior. 

Denise has always been around music but her love affair with dance began at the age of five. She would continue on to learn under the direction of Judy Best at the Best Talent Center in St. Louis Missouri. In her adult years, she studied at Lindenwood in St Charles Missouri where she received her Bachelor of Arts in dance. Denise developed a repertoire of dance skills through studying, classical ballet in the Cecchetti method, jazz, Katherine Dunham technique, Lester Horton technique, and the Martha Graham technique. Additionally, she had the opportunity to dance for the St. Charles Believers indoor football team. 

Supporting and giving back to the community is a top priority for Denise. She developed an after school Hip Hop dance program for the inner city schools that lacked after care programs. Creating this experience for these students provided them with an opportunity to unwind, escape, and explore the world of dance. Currently, Denise is empowering women through dance. “Be your own sexy!” She says. She wants women to be comfortable in their own bodies and to not be afraid to embrace their beauty and inner goddess. She also shares healthy lifestyle advice with women to “eat for the body you want, not the body you have.” Denise wants women to feel connected with other women who want to begin or continue their journey of healthy living through movement in dance. She envelopes the dance concept of dancing and working out in heels because it offers women the ability to be sexy and work on being healthy at the same time.