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Chelsea Muth:

Chelsea is a psychologist specializing in psychological well-being, mental health, and contemplative practice. She is currently co-teaching the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program with her partner Victor Bucklew in the Rochester area. On a personal level, Chelsea's path to teaching mindfulness has grown from a dedicated inner practice, which involves a balance of music, movement, meditation, and psychological study. On a professional level, Chelsea's graduate training in psychology (M.A.) and human development (PhD, in progress) has honed her skills to teach and evaluate well-being intervention programs, including MBSR. Chelsea’s expertise includes teaching mindfulness, psychology, piano, and yoga, with international certification. For interested musicians, Chelsea is also taking on new piano students at her home studio.


Victor Bucklew:
Victor is a physical scientist who researches light. His interest in the MBSR program grew out of the deep impact that the program had in his own life, helping him to relate more positively to daily stressors. Victor loves playing piano, tango dancing, yoga, and the outdoors. He has previously worked with at risk populations, facilitated leadership workshops for youth and adults, has taken yoga teacher training, and has guided many wilderness canoe trips. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University where he studied lasers. He feels very fortunate to offer the MBSR program alongside his partner Chelsea Muth."