Caren comes to barre fitness by way of the hula hoop, which is a circular path indeed! As a mother of two, she approached fitness as a means to losing the "baby weight," until the day she took a hoop class and found her passion (and a way to lose 20 pounds)! She became a Hoopnotica instructor and founded Creekside Hooping in 2011. Now she finds herself ready to move beyond the hoop to new challenges.

Barre fitness is helping her define and strengthen her muscles and improve her balance, but what really makes her passionate about Ballerobica is the way the physical benefits intersect with mental and emotional health. The cardio aspect raises endorphins; learning new skills, challenging both sides of the body evenly, and focusing on form improve neuroplasticity, which can reduce depression, improve focus, and prevent loss of brain function as we age.

Her teaching style is adaptive, ready to meet you where you are and encourage you toward challenges, not frustration.

Caren lives in Rush, with her husband, homeschooled kids, and a flock of poultry.