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Brooke first discovered yoga at a small studio in Toronto more than a decade ago and dabbled at home with DVDs for several years.  After moving to the Rochester area in 2014, she joined a gym and discovered that she could attend as many yoga classes as she wanted to, all the time, every day.  Brooke immediately fell in love with the experience of a face-to-face class in a room full of yogis with a real live instructor, and quickly developed a (not sustainable) six-class-per-week yoga habit.  

She has been working on embracing balance and moderation, but admits that it's not exactly her forte.  A passionate trail- and ultra-runner, Brooke completed her first 100k in 2017, and recently finished three trail ultra-marathons in a span of less than four months.  She integrates her yoga practice into her training plans and credits yoga with her ability to cover distances on hilly and technical terrain, recover quickly, and touch her toes even after a long run.  

Brooke is a firm believer that a regular yoga practice can enhance all areas of our lives, cultivating self-awareness, deepening personal relationships, developing resilience, mitigating the effects of stress, improving overall health, and preventing injuries.  She completed her 200-hour certification at Midtown Athletic Club and taught previously at the Town of Webster Recreation Center.  Brooke is beyond excited to share her love of yoga with you in her weekly classes!