My passion is inspiring people to feel good in their bodies and empowered in their lives!  I am a yoga teacher, a therapist, an interculturalist, and an adventurer who has trekked the Himalayas in Nepal, and travelled to India on my own inner quest for wisdom and peace. I have over a decade of cross-cultural experience working extensively with people from across the globe which has enriched my life and understanding of the breadth and beauty of the human spirit. 

I fell in love with yoga nearly 10 years ago when I discovered it as a way of coping with chronic back pain. What I learned through my practice is that my back pain was connected to emotional stress and tension that I had been harboring for years. This was the beginning of significant growth and an awakening to the fact that tuning into the body is a means for transformation unlike any other. The desire to share the beauty of this practice is what inspired me to become a yoga teacher. I teach with the intention to cultivate curiosity and love for oneself. I am certified in the Kripalu tradition, a style with a compassionate approach and deep spiritual roots. 

I am also a therapist and my private practice, Inward Journey Wellness, is dedicated to helping those who want to improve their overall health and wellbeing; to rediscover their optimal health with the combination of therapy, yoga, and nutritional counseling. My approach can be especially helpful for those struggling with digestive or dietary related illnesses.
You can find many resources for digestive health on my website as well as upcoming yoga workshops and class offerings.