ALYSSA BUDINOCK - Yoga Instructor

Alyssa was first introduced to yoga during her college years. Like many first time yogis, she went to her first class seeking relief from anxiety and stress. After graduating college she entered the workforce full time, juggling part time gigs on the side. Sadly, she let herself forget about yoga for a while. Exhausted and misaligned from her busy schedule and busy mind, she came to a point she designates today as her mental, physical and emotional “rock bottom”. She can attest the good news: it’s only up from there, and it starts with a single breath!

Alyssa learned to teach yoga at Kripalu in Stockbridge Massachusetts. Her teaching style encourages patient and compassionate self-study and inquiry. She believes yoga to be an invaluable tool that continues to help her navigate the uncertainties of life with skill and grace.

Forever a student, Alyssa is fascinated by the lessons she continues to learn from within and is dedicated to helping others learn more about their true selves through yoga and meditation. Rather than constantly seeking "what's next" in our lives, Alyssa believes (like so many others!) that if we come back and back again to the pulse of our breath, life will open to us.